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The Best Type of Render Beading

RenderBead is the number one place to come to buy the best quality uPVC beads for render and external wall insulation systems! In our first blog post, we’re going to outline the essential beads for your job.

Bellcast Bead

Bellcast Bead is a great choice for render systems to create a reinforced, clean line where the render finishes. Usually you would use the Bellcast Bead around the DPC area as it has a lip to direct water away from the base of the render, which helps to prevent issues with damp later down the line.

Corner Bead

Corner Bead is an essential for any system, whether it’s for EWI or rendering there are lots of different types of Corner Bead. Corners are a particularly vulnerable area, they’re often the first place to experience any kind of impact damage, so reinforcing them is paramount. We stock all kinds of Corner Beads, whether they’re for scratch render, EWI and thin coat render. We also offer an excellent flexible corner bead for when there isn’t a complete 90 degree angle.

Movement Bead

Movement Bead is used in EWI systems where there is an expanse of wall greater than 12m. The Movement Bead runs vertically down the wall and helps to break up the system into smaller sections and enhance the tensile strength to prevent cracking from movements within the substrate.

We also stock Render Movement Beads which are intended for use within render systems as opposed to EWI systems.

Arch Bead

If your project has a nice arch around the porch, then the Arch Bead is the choice for you. As the name suggests, Arch Beads are used for reinforcing arches and arched features; this bead is completely flexible, so will bend and adjust to the structure of the building to create a clean, seamless finish that will resist cracking.

Stop Bead

Stop Bead is another essential bead for thin coat render systems. It’s typically used at the edges of thin coat render systems and around window and door frames to achieve a straight finish and protect the render against impacts.

Window Header Bead

As the name suggests, the Window Header Bead is used at the top of window and door reveals. This particular bead also has a lip to direct water away from the wall.

Window Reveal Bead

The Window Reveal bead allows you to render right the way up to the window frame, before peeling away the tape for a straight, clean line. It has a reinforcement mesh and a either a rubber or sponge (the choice is yours) ring which sits on the window frame and compresses to give a waterproof seal. This eliminates the need for silicone sealants which tend to wear away over time.

And there you have it! Our top beads for rendering and external wall insulation. If you have any questions give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out. All of our beads are made from high quality uPVC plastic, so are completely resistant to rusting and wear and tear.


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At we sell a range of beading specifically designed to be used within your rendering and external wall insulation projects. We sell a huge range of different render beads all designed to strengthen particular elements of the render system.

The beading is all manufactured to the highest standards and we offer our products at unbeatable prices to help you get a superior job completed at the best price. is a part of the EWI Store Ltd, which sells the full range of rendering and external wall insulation products including thin coat Silicone renders, Monocouche scratch renders, basecoat adhesives and all the tools and accessories you need to get the job done.

If you are looking at buying rendering beading in bulk then certainly call us as for large orders we do have scope to offer further discounts.

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