20 x Window Header Bead


Window header bead is used to reinforce the top of openings – it tends to be used above doors and windows. The bead works a lot like corner bead, however it has an additional drip on the leading edge which helps prevent water from heading back along the window reveal back to the window frame.

  • Multisave pack – 20 units (50 linear metres)
  • Length – 2.5m
  • High grade uPVC




Window header bead serves 3 purposes; it protects the top of the window against impacts, creates a drip, helping to prevent water running back along the reveal back towards the window frame and finally it creates a straight clean edge above the window.

The window header bead has 2 mesh wings attached to it, one of which is labelled ‘Up’ – this is the mesh that runs vertically up the front of the render surface, while the other mesh wing runs back along the reveal. If you follow this instruction it will ensure the drip is in the correct place.



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