50 x Corner Bead with Mesh


Our Corner Bead with mesh comes in lengths of 2.5m and is used for reinforcing 90-degree angles in the building structure. Corner beading is crucial for strength and clean lines around windows, external corners and door frames as well as providing strength to help protect against impacts

  • Multisave pack – 50 units (125 linear metres)
  • Length – 2.5m
  • High grade uPVC
  • Helps minimise cracks occurring around openings


Our uPVC corner bead with mesh is used to help strengthen areas prone to impacts (typically external corners and around windows and doors). We recommend installing corner bead are any point where there are 90° building angles to ensure crisp sharp corners in render and solid wall insulation systems.

The mesh angle is made up of a perforated hard-PVC angle (round hole), which is impact-resistant and shatterproof. The fibreglass reinforcement mesh is protected against alkali corrosion.


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