Render Movement Bead


Render movement bead is used where there is a large expanse of render area. The render movement bead is installed vertically and is designed to prevent cracking occurring within the render through thermal expansion and compression.

This render movement bead is for use in thin coat render systems, and is embedded within the 6mm basecoat layer.

  • Length – 2.5m
  • High grade uPVC

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Our render movement bead is made from uPVC – it is impact resistant and weather proof and does not degrade when exposed to UV. The render movement bead is normally used in render-only systems, but it can also be used within solid wall insulation systems and gets embedded within the 6mm basecoat layer. The render movement bead is embedded vertically into the basecoat layer and helps prevent cracking where there are large / wide expanses of render. It is recommended to use a render movement bead when the horizontal span is in excess of 8m.

The flexible uPVC core of the render bead is protected by a protective peel-off film to ensure a neat finish after the final render top coat has been applied. The render movement bead is intended for movements of +/- 3 mm

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