uPVC Starter Track – 60-100mm


Our uPVC starter track is perfect for solid wall insulation systems. The rigid plastic starter track provides a really stable platform on which the insulation boards sit, but since the starter track is uPVC, you minimise any cold bridging. The uPVC starter track comes in two parts – a female part attaches to the wall, while the male part then slides into it, allowing for different thicknesses of insulation.

  • Length – 2.0m
  • Designed to house insulation between 60-100mm
  • High Grade uPVC

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This uPVC starter track provides the insulation a solid and level base to be installed on. It also provides protection for the base of the EPS or mineral wool insulation boards. Since the starter track is made from a plastic material, once installed there is no thermal bridging. It also comes with PVC bellcast beading and fibreglass mesh to all the starter track to tie in with the rest of the external wall insulation system. This starter track also has a built in drip profile to help direct water away from the bottom of the insulation system.

The Premium starter track is actually comprised of two separate components – the ‘female’ section is attached to the wall and the separate male section slides into this. This allows the starter track to house different thicknesses of insulation from 60 – 100mm

Please note that two other sizes of premium adjustable starter track are available

  • 100mm to 160mm
  • 160mm to 240mm

Please ensure the starter track that you purchase can house the insulation thickness you have.

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100mm – 150mm, 50mm – 90mm


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