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Monocouche Stop Bead 14mm

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  • 2.5m long
  • 14mm profile
  • uPVC finish to prevent corrosion
  • Reinforces the render edge
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14mm Stop Bead

This 14mm stop bead is used to create a clean finish within a render system, for example between two mid terrace houses. The 14mm stop bead is applied to the wall with adhesive / render and creates a mechanical stop that is rendered up to.

The 14mm stop bead is made from PVC and has a perforated 43mm wing which runs along the wall where the bead is going to be used. The 90-degree angle on the stop bead help create a tidy square finish at the edge of the external render systems. The stop bead also helps protect the edge of the render system against impact damage.

Stop beads can also be used to divide large external render areas down into smaller, more manageable zones.

Since the 14mm stop bead is made from PVC plastic, there is zero risk of rusting.

The 14mm stop bead is 2.5m in length.

While the bead helps to prevent water ingress, we do recommend running Silicone Sealant (approved to be used externally) down the back of the bead to create a completely water tight seal.

The 14mm monocouche stop bead also comes with connecting pegs which allow you to connect two lengths together if you are installing the bead over multiple stories.


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