uPVC Starter Track with Mesh
uPVC Starter Track with Mesh -100-160mm

£26.04 Incl. VAT (£21.70 Excl. VAT)

£26.04 Incl. VAT (£21.70 Excl. VAT)

uPVC Starter Track with Mesh -100-160mm

£26.04 Incl. VAT (£21.70 Excl. VAT)

  • For insulation thicknesses between 100-160mm
  • 2m long
  • Ensures straight starting plinth for insulation
  • Protects the base of insulation
  • Prevents water ingress
  • Comes in two parts that slot together

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Our Starter Tracks provide a solid base for insulation installation, offering protection for the base of EPS boards. Made from uPVC, they minimise thermal bridging and feature a bellcast bead on the leading edge to prevent water ingress behind the insulation system.

The front of the uPVC starter track is reinforced with fibreglass mesh, ensuring a secure bond when embedded within basecoat adhesive, tying everything together seamlessly.

Our uPVC Starter Tracks consist of a female part attached to the substrate with screws, while the male part slides into the female part, accommodating thicknesses between 100-160mm with ease.

Installed at the lowest point of insulation, typically just above the damp-proof course, our Starter Tracks provide a level structure for easy installation of insulation boards.

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