Thin Coat Clip on Profile with Mesh
Clip-on Profile with Mesh – 14mm



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Clip-on Profile with Mesh – 14mm


  • 14mm drip
  • 2.5m long
  • For aluminium starter tracks within EWI systems
  • Impact and weather-resistant
  • 100mm fibreglass mesh wing
  • High-quality uPVC

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Our Clip-On Profile is a vital component in external wall insulation systems designed to create a drip bead at the base of the render system, effectively directing water away from the insulation.

With a length of 2.5m, our clip-on profile easily attaches directly to the leading edge of the aluminium starter track, offering compatibility with all thicknesses of aluminium starter track for added convenience.

Crafted from rigid PVC plastic, our clip-on profile features a 45-degree angle drip and 100mm of mesh that extends up the face of the insulation. Embedded within the basecoat of the thin coat render system, the mesh securely ties the bead and starter track to the rest of the external wall insulation system, ensuring stability and durability.

The 45-degree drip design ensures that water flowing down the final render surface is diverted away from the insulation system, preventing it from travelling back under the starter track towards the wall at the bottom of the system. Additionally, the clean finish created by the 45-degree drip enhances the aesthetic appeal of the rendered surface.

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